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Been busy planning.  I think I spend too much time planning and not enough time just doing.  Sometimes I even catch myself procrastinating.  I wondered why I do that and I finally realize that procrastination comes out of fear.  Fear of failure?  Nope.  If I don’t progress forward then I have already failed.  Staying stagnate equals failure as well.  So already being in failure I am not afraid to fail.  So it must be a fear of success.  What if you actually like what I make and I have to try to do better and succeed in areas that I have never succeeded in before?  What if that changes life as I know it now?  What will I do?

All I know is I feel like I am up for an adventure.  So come along with me and we will both see what happens.  After all, life is meant to be lived.

So I have been uploading photos to the store front.  I am pushing forward to see what really happens.  I will never know if I do not try.  Soon I will begin uploading the art.  Some of it you may have seen before and some of it you have not seen yet.

So, if you do like what I create then tell others about it and make a purchase.

You can select items on this website by clicking on this link:
Time Made Beautiful

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Tonya Brill

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Tonya Brill a Photographic and Visual Artist. In fact my whole family is creative in one format or another. Residing in Guernsey County, Ohio allows me to be close to my family and still be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. I enjoy my dogs, crocheting, cooking, family, and good friends. I saved the best for last, I enjoy the LORD. In my opinion, He's awesome!