Community is Important

Hearts in Nature Gallery by Time Made Beautiful
Wasp Nest Heart in Hearts in Nature Gallery

While cleaning up the yard before the onset of winter, I noticed this amazing beauty of a heart hanging off of my garage.  The paper wasps had been busy over the summer to create a love note from God of how important community is.  What an awesome lesson of how important each individual is in this creation and of what can be accomplished when we are of one mind and one accord.  We are more powerful than we think and we are more awesome than we could have imagined us to be.  As a community under God letting the Holy Spirit lead and guide us with the mind of Christ we can accomplish the impossible.  Just like the wasps that made this nest in the shape of a heart. Let love reign.

You are awesome!

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Time Made Beautiful

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Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Tonya Brill a Photographic and Visual Artist. In fact my whole family is creative in one format or another. Residing in Guernsey County, Ohio allows me to be close to my family and still be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. I enjoy my dogs, crocheting, cooking, family, and good friends. I saved the best for last, I enjoy the LORD. In my opinion, He's awesome!