Turning Bad into a Blessing

Photographic Art by Tonya Cooper
Astilbe Heart is in the Hearts in Nature Gallery by Tonya Cooper.

Astilbe usually blooms in a circular fashion. I remember after lightning killed the apple tree in my yard everything planted around the tree had to be transplanted. The apple tree had to be cut down. I wondered how my astilbe plants would fair being transplanted mid-season. They looked dead. I thought they wouldn’t be back the next year. To my great surprise and delight they not only came back the next summer but this one bloomed in a heart shape. A pleasant reminder from God that He has everything both great and small in the palm of His hands.

He can turn what looks like a bad situation into a blessing. So never lose your focus. Keep your eyes on the Father no matter how frustrated you are, no matter how hurt you are, no matter what comes against you like a flood. Expect the blessing even if you don’t see it now, cannot fathom how a blessing could occur, or what the blessing could be. Just focus on the Father. Praise and prayer calls on the Heavenly to invade this Earth and changes situations, atmospheres, and the minds of mankind. Stand. When you have done all, stand. I did all I could for this astilbe, it looked dead, but I kept it watered in spite of its appearance. Then the blessing occurred. Little things can remind us of the greatness of our Father and the truth of His Word.

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Tonya Brill

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Tonya Brill a Photographic and Visual Artist. In fact my whole family is creative in one format or another. Residing in Guernsey County, Ohio allows me to be close to my family and still be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. I enjoy my dogs, crocheting, cooking, family, and good friends. I saved the best for last, I enjoy the LORD. In my opinion, He's awesome!