Single Focus

Single Focus by Tonya Cooper of Time Made Beautiful

Breath in God. Exhale God. Spend time with Him. When you make the one who created you and brought the Earth and the Heavens into existence your single focus in life then you will discover what it is like to walk with God in the garden. You will know what it is like to spend time and have a relationship with the one who cares intimately about every detail in your life.

He cares about you so much and knows you so well that He has even numbered the very hairs on your head. Nothing is hidden from Him in your life. He is your perfect confidant. He is the best parent. Gives the best advice. Is interested in the happenings in your life.

All He wants from you is for you walk in the garden with Him.


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Tonya Brill

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Tonya Brill a Photographic and Visual Artist. In fact my whole family is creative in one format or another. Residing in Guernsey County, Ohio allows me to be close to my family and still be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. I enjoy my dogs, crocheting, cooking, family, and good friends. I saved the best for last, I enjoy the LORD. In my opinion, He's awesome!