Beauty in the Passing of Time

Beauty in the Passing of Time by Tonya Cooper of Time Made Beautiful.

Time. Something we all wish we had more of to accomplish everything we think we need to accomplish. Time. When it’s gone we wish we could get it back. Time. Sometimes we wish we could go back in time or fast forward through it. Time is eternal and time is finite. Time even repeats itself.

These are flowers that I received while being courted. It was an old fashioned courtship. The man was quite romantic. So these flowers reminded me of home, hearth, harvest, life, growth, and family. All good things to invest time in. Especially family. Make time to pour the best of yourself into your loved ones. That way memories will be good ones to live on in the hearts of those you love.

‘Beauty in the Passing of Time’ got its name in honor of my mother whose beauty continued to grow even tho her body was aging. Even though she suffered from a lot of pain in her older age and she couldn’t do all that she wished that she could, she still tried to be there to encourage us, catch us when we fell, and even help us get back up on our feet. She is gone now just like the sunflower in the photograph. However her beauty continues in all those she invested her time in.

Time. Make good use of it by allowing your love to shine forth. Make good memories for those you love and even for strangers. We rush too much. The rat race is an American lifestyle. The rat race can wait. It will always be there. Time changes our lives over its course. So choose wisely what you will spend your time on. I encourage you to pour wisely into our youth, your children, and grandchildren.

To my Mother, I miss you dearly!


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