Welcome to Photos by Tonya * Time Made Beautiful. I have changed a few things. I still operate Photos by Tonya *Time Made Beautiful out of my home in Buffalo, Ohio. Yes, that’s right this past year has been full of sudden changes since the death of my beloved mother. Those changes have required me to move back to beautiful Buffalo, Ohio.

Photos by Tonya *Time Made Beautiful now specializes in photographing newborns and infants. I can hardly wait to share those images as this side of the business grows on the Photos by Tonya page. A page dedicated on this website only to that side of the business. Go to Photos by Tonya here.

Time Made Beautiful Art page has my photographic and visual art. I am very excited about all of this. I have joined Pixels.com and Fine Art America.com to handle the processing and shipping of my art. You will see the images available and a shopping cart to make it easy for you to purchase what you like. Pixels.com and Fine Art America.com allow me to make more products available to you. These products include not only canvases or prints but also phone cases, pillows, towels, and even coffee mugs! Ahh, for the love of a good cuppa coffee. Yes, I thought making more products available to you would allow you to have art where you want it…in your hands. Go to Time Made Beautiful Art here.

The Commercial page is for the commercial photography that I still do. Most of my experience in commercial photography is photographing food and drinks. Go to Commercial Photography here.


Email: timemadebeautiful@gmail.com
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Please, leave your name, contact info, and a brief description of your photographic needs.

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