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Photos by Tonya Newborn/Infant

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We specialize in photographing newborns and infants.

My name is Tonya and I have been a nurse for 30+ years with most of my experience taking care of special needs children. This has trained me to be patient and calm when handling babies and children. It has also given me the skills to help moms refocus and remain calm as well. I maintain active updates for CPR and basic life saving skills. I have also been a photographer for 5 years now and am assisted by my step-daughter, Jenna.  I have been photographing families and seniors for the past five years as well as creating photographic art and doing commercial photography.

Since Jenna has come into my life she has decided to take an interest in photography. She has this natural ability with communication and coming up with marketing ideas. She chose to change my flower logo for the business into a frog logo based on the stuffed frog that her dad got her when she was little. She said that represented babies and children more than a flower. I smiled as I listened to her interesting ideas. Jenna and I have decided to begin the change to specializing in newborns and infants.  We have obtained a building that we are transforming into our new studio. We are getting all our ducks or frogs in a row. We are very excited to share new images as we build this side of our business.


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Photos by Tonya * Time Made Beautiful
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